Stephanie and Levi knew early on that they wanted to hire a professional birth photographer to capture the birth of their first baby. They reached out to me, and we met mid-pregnancy to chat details, and envision together. I was intrigued by their stories about life on their farm — (including, but not limited to, […]


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Meet the Muellers. They wanted to capture a few family moments to celebrate 1 year of parenthood, and (much to my delight) we included some babywearing memories for them. Swoon, as you enjoy this beautiful family.  


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I would love to help you capture a little glimpse of your journey through motherhood. Come join me for a laid back, lifestyle, outdoor session together. There are still a few spots left for April 22 and 23! Please contact me to book your session. Details below:


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You might recognize this sweet family from their recent Fresh Baby photos. They also booked their Newborn Lifestyle session with me, and it was amazing to see how much their little son developed and changed in just 2 weeks!   Newborn sessions can sometimes be rough on parents. You’re still getting used to life with […]


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Meet the beautiful L family. We did a few indoor photos before heading out to a beautiful, private location in North Spokane for some outdoor family maternity pictures. Fun, smiles, tickles, silliness, all wrapped in the strongest bonds of love are just a few ways to describe what I witnessed and captured during our session […]


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