I am so excited to share this birth story with you! Christina was one of the first people I met when we moved to Spokane, and I was beyond honored when, almost 2 years later, she asked me to be her birth photographer. {You might recognize this family from their stunning Maternity Session — hop […]


  • I always love looking at your images. They are so beautiful and artistic but so very real too. My favourite here is the little one looking at the rest of the family on the best. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing birth! I love how emotional she was holding her new baby when her daughter came in. So sweet.ReplyCancel

  • These are just perfect! So many details and sweet family moments! Love!ReplyCancel

  • Kayce

    Beautiful birth photography work! You captured each aspect so well, and big sister is an absolute doll!ReplyCancel

  • I am so in love with everything about your capture of this beautiful and amazing water birth with the Spokane Midwives at their Birth Center in Spokane, WA. You have documented everything I could ever hope for in a birth and really feel the emotions from the day. If I were this family, I would be over the moon with what you have created for them to remember this beautiful life event.ReplyCancel

  • Tears!!!! You captured this special day so incredibly!ReplyCancel

  • I love birth and this birth is just beautiful! You captured the emotion of the mom so well. I love the first moment the big sister met her sibling.ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay

    I love how proud that little girl is of her new baby brother. Her emotions are so perfectly captured.ReplyCancel

  • amazing birth photos, the ones of big sister meeting her brother for the first time brought tears to my eyes…just a great moment!ReplyCancel

  • WOW! Those pictures of the delivery! Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Rita King

    Wow!! What an incredible birth story. Spokane WA is so blessed to have you for birth photography. I love these images Esther. So much emotion, and incredible connection between their family. Gorgeous work as always!!(Thank you! Your comment is awaiting moderation)ReplyCancel

The day your baby is born, your life changes. Forever. This day is just as important as your wedding day! And you likely invested in a professional photographer to capture those special moments. My clients have described the day they gave birth as “Life-changing,” “The hardest thing I have ever done, and of which I […]


  • How perfect you are a Spokane birth photographer AND a doula! I mean what a fab way to roll in 2 amazing jobs into 1 professional!ReplyCancel

  • Amy S

    Your post is spot on about hiring a professional photographer for birth. Parents deserve to have a professional so that they can concentrate on whats most important to them; their baby. What beautiful way to document a birth.ReplyCancel

  • I love that you can combine two of your passions by being a birth photographer and doula! Expecting mommas in Spokane are so lucky! Love your comparisons in this post. Professional photos are so worth it!ReplyCancel

  • ester,

    i would love to share this post on my birth photography blog with your permission. it explains beautifully with examples why to hire a birth photographer. i am so happy they get a birth announcement photo so quickly. that is a great idea.

  • These images are beautiful! I completely agree that having a birth photographer is so needed for many reasons! I love your examples of your explanations! What a darling home birth and that baby!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh Esther this is such a fantastic way to showcase the difference between having a friend photograph your birth or a true professional birth photographer! Beautifully done! I especially love how you understand that your clients are eager to share their birth photos quickly.ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing example of what a difference it makes to get a professional birth photographer. The moments after birth when mom and dad are marveling at their new baby is so precious. And since you were there it was captured and mom and dad get to experience that uninterrupted moment together–instead of dad trying to take a photo. This Spokane family is so beautiful and their new little baby has these beautiful birth photos as a memory forever!ReplyCancel

  • Excellent post! You’re perfectly demonstrated the difference between snapshots that are “good enough”, vs professional photos that beautifully capture not only each moment, but the feeling and emotion at the time. You’re a very talented Spokane birth photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Anyone who doesn’t see the value you offer in your birth story photography services is just plain crazy! Your images are beautiful and you have an amazing talent for storytelling. Great work!ReplyCancel

  • This post is perfect! How awesome that this family had someone else taking photos at the same time and allowed you to share! This is the perfect illustration of why a professional is so important! Your birth photography is well worth the cost!ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely beautiful birth photos! I love how you show the p&s images next to your own to show exactly “Why hire a professional birth photographer”. The proof is in the pudding!ReplyCancel

  • Having a professional birth photographer photograph such a momentous occasion is really crucial. Having a birth photographer in Spokane as honest and trustworthy as you is a gift to the area. I really admire how honest you were in your article about how important it is to hire a professional birth photographer.ReplyCancel

  • It must be an amazing thing, to be both a birth photographer and a doula! Both play such vital roles in the birth process. I know that birth photography is starting to gain more popularity, and I am so glad that it is! To have these special moments captured forever, it a amazing gift you provide your clients.ReplyCancel

  • What a miraculous first day for this new family. Absolutely gorgeous images!ReplyCancel

  • What sweet photos by this amazing Spokane Birth Photographer! Esther Edith captured this memorable day perfectly. Every emotion experienced by this new mother and father is represented in this album. :)ReplyCancel

  • Such great points in why it’s so important to hire a professional photographer for your birth. Any expecting parents in the Spokane Washington area I will past on your name as a great Spokane birth photographer.ReplyCancel

  • great advice and I love the comparison of photos!ReplyCancel

  • what a gorgeous session! so many beautiful moments captured.ReplyCancel

This family. ♥♥♥ Baby Combs will be here any day, and I am honored, and cannot wait to capture their birth story. I recently took the Combs’ maternity pictures in Spokane, WA, and I loved everything about their session. I am really not into posing my subjects; everything I aim for in a session is […]


  • Esther, these maternity pictures are gorgeous! I love the organic feel – so loving and authentic.ReplyCancel

    • Esther Edith Varghese

      Thanks so much, Tracy! Spokane has some really beautiful locations, and I really enjoyed capturing this sweet family’s maternity pictures.ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful Spokane maternity session. I love the film look of this session and mama is glowing.ReplyCancel

  • Such a beautiful maternity session! I love that the whole family was involved – and that Spokane location. So pretty!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Mason

    Esther, these are so gorgeous!!! <3 Oh my gosh!ReplyCancel

  • These images are stunning! Beautiful family.ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay

    That is a beautiful family. This is stunning photography.ReplyCancel

  • Cat Fancote

    Esther, this whole session is just divine. What a gorgeous family, matched perfectly by your imagery. Love the wrap and ring sling, and the authentic love & connection you have captured! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Love this maternity session. The lighting is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Walker

    In love with these photos!!!! Beautiful work!!ReplyCancel

  • I love how much variety with these maternity photos you got, using the same location and a quick change of the wrap! The natural river spot in Spokane seems to fit the family’s style and the little girl’s curls are to die for!ReplyCancel

  • Stunning as always! I love the toddler wearing and belly wrapping with that ringsling. That family hug one is just blowing me away.ReplyCancel

  • Stunning images! I love her toddler all wrapped up, and how earthy these images are. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • […] she asked me to be her birth photographer. {You might recognize this family from their stunning Maternity Session — hop over there first if you haven’t already seen that piece of their story!} This […]ReplyCancel

  • Rita King

    Wow!! What an incredible birth story. Spokane WA is so blessed to have you for birth photography. I love these images Esther. So much emotion, and incredible connection between their family. Gorgeous work as always!!ReplyCancel

  • michelle

    gorgeous photos!ReplyCancel

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  • your work is stunning! I love the herbal baths so much!! I wish more mamas would do them. They are so healing and a great way to bond and relax with your new bub. This is a great deal. Im sure many moms will take advantage of this.ReplyCancel

  • Katie

    I have been wanting an herbal bath session now for quite some time! Your maternity images are beautiful!! Wish I could hop on a plane and get any one of your sessions done during this amazing sale❤ReplyCancel

  • laura

    i love this idea of babywearing or breastfeeding photos at the location of their choice where they feel the most comfortable.
    in my area, they have babywearing support groups!

    what a beautiful treasure to have of this special time with your baby. i would have loved this but my kids are grown now.ReplyCancel

  • I love these ideas for mother’s day specials! The babywearing and breastfeeding ones are perfect for moms who do these because both create such a bond with baby that every mom wants to be able to see and remember forever. Your Spokane moms are definitely going to be filling up your calendar!ReplyCancel

  • Such a great way to celebrate mothers – by capturing them BEING mamas! I do hope all Spokane mamas will take advantage of this.ReplyCancel

    • Esther Edith Varghese

      Thank you Amy! I love to capture mamas (and dads) bonding with their children.ReplyCancel

  • what an amazing deal! how thoughtful of you to honor spokane mothers in this way!ReplyCancel

  • wish I lived closer!ReplyCancel

  • Mandi H Mitchell

    These are great opportunities for awesome pictures!ReplyCancel