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You might remember seeing some photos of this sweet family’s home waterbirth. I supported Florines and Chris as they brought their first baby earth side, in the comfort of their home, attended by the wonderful midwives of Alternative Birth Care. Florines recently shared this very generous review:

“Any woman can relate that a first time birth specially if it is homebirth can be a very beautiful and a stressful time. With the support of my husband, family, friends, and my mid-wife I thought I had everything I needed for this birth. However, I wanted this day to be very special, and I certainly wanted to cherish it with beautiful photography. But who to choose? I went on a quest for a photographer who can understand and respect the process of a home birth and that would not make it stressful for me. So it was, I found Esther searching the web and truly it was the perfect match. Since the first time I met with Esther, I automatically clicked with her. Not only was she a photographer but a Douala as well, truly all the signs were pointing into hiring her. To further this “miracle” as I like to call it, Esther happened to know my mid-wife. I talked to my mid-wife of what she knew about Esther, and she had nothing but to say nice things of her. There was no doubt left, I wanted Esther to be part of this beautiful moment in my life. Her care and attentiveness before, during, and after the birth were far beyond from what words can express, for it was like she was that old friend you always have that one can rely on. Anytime I needed something, Esther was available and always ready to do things will love and care. She took the time to be there for me, bringing me my favorite dessert, and above all she shared the labor pains with me always keeping calm yet understanding my fatigues. During the birth, she carried herself with such delicacy that one can hardly tell when she is taking pictures. For she takes modest photos, and is very professional in this are of her job. Esther personifies a very solicitous, loving, giving, attentive, person that would ease the process and help you create a stress free environment during the beautiful moment of your birth. Just remember it is good to have that friend that you can always rely on! I never though I was going to need a Doula when my midwife told me my husband said will be fine because the midwife is coming with and assistant but when the time came having Esther it was such a blessing we felt so sorry when we found out she was moving because we set out minds to have her in all of our future births.” ~ Florines

Florines and Chris, it was an honour and privilege to be invited into your birth space; thank you for trusting me to support you through such a special event, and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

Esther Edith, Spokane homebirth photography, birth photographers, waterbirth, gentle birth, natural birth, birth photos, black and white, Spokane birth photographers

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  • What beautiful words from this momma. Perfect reasons why you should hire a professional birth photographer – especially one who doubles as a doula! Spokane mommas are definitely lucky to have you!ReplyCancel

  • edith, beautiful words from a new mom who speaks from her experience and gives testimony about your awesomeness. very powerful words and i am certain she speaks truth. i agree with her. spokane, WA is so blessed to have you in the area. i admit i am a little jealous that you are both a doula and a birth photographer! ~lauraReplyCancel

  • Connie

    The images and the client testimonial is so powerful. What an amazing gift to offer doula and photography services in Spokane, WA!ReplyCancel

  • what an amazing testimonial! Hope it encourages other families to use your unique service as a doula and photographer for their upcoming birthReplyCancel

  • I love that you added a testimony. Spokane is lucky to have a birth photographer that is also a Douala.ReplyCancel

  • What an awesome review this family gave you! Birth is such an intimate event, and the fact that this family felt comfortable with you speaks volumes. And on top if it all, you captured amazing birth photos!ReplyCancel

  • This is a beautiful review! The birth of a child is such an intimate time and it is so important to be surrounded by people you trust and are comfortable with. I can see why this mother choose you as her birth photographer. Not only is your photography stunning but your experience as a doula could be very comforting.ReplyCancel

  • Such beautiful words from this mama to you, her birth photographer! I find birth photography so amazing and, anything we can do to help the new mama feel at ease is wonderful! How awesome she was able to find you in Spokane, WA to have as her photographer! Sounds like it was a perfect match!ReplyCancel

  • This is a beautiful letter. Your work is amazing and you’re skill obviously goes beyond the camera. The family’s in Spokane would be blessed to have you photograph the birth of their new child.ReplyCancel

  • That is definitely the best review you could possible ask for! She really explains why hire a professional birth photographer, and the importance of having you there. The photos are beautiful, her words are beautiful, you have a lot to be proud of. :)ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful review! If I were looking into Spokane birth photography, you would be my go-to birth photographer and doula!ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing review! It’s always nice to have reviews like this from couples you’ve worked for. It makes you feel appreciated and it proves that all your hard work is worth it in the end! This brought tears to my eyes.ReplyCancel

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