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My goal as your doula is to help you to have a positive, safe, and memorable birth experience.

The word “doula” is an ancient Greek word that means “woman servant,” and as a doula I will serve as a non-medical assistant before, during, and shortly after the birth of your baby. As a Certified Doula, I seek to provide you with evidence-based information throughout your pregnancy and birth. Having birthed two children, attended a variety of births (including breech and VBAC), and in a variety of settings, I feel equipped and experienced to support families through this sacred time. Whether you plan to birth at home, in a hospital, or at a birthing center, I will support you through the process, providing you with physical, emotional, and informational support. I also offer combined packages that include Doula + Birth Photography services; clients love this option, as it means hiring just one person for two roles (which is beneficial if you wish you keep your birth team minimal). When we meet for your free birth consultation we will cover the details of how I manage two important roles at once, when to call me, and any other questions you have. Meanwhile, the following further explains my role as a doula:


How I can Assist You as a Doula:

Physically: Before the birth of your child we will go over various positions, massage, and breathing techniques you can practice in preparation for your birth. During your delivery, I will be there to physically support you, serve you, bring you water, food, and help to make you as comfortable as possible. Along with your partner, I will assist as your labor coach, and be constantly by your side so that your partner can take a break when needed.


Emotionally: A big part of being a doula is being there to listen to your concerns and feelings leading up to, and through your birth, and to provide you with information which will hopefully calm any fears you may have. My goal is to be an encouragement, listening ear, a source of information, and a faithful support to you throughout your pregnancy and birth.


Informationally: I am intentional about providing my clients with evidence-based information. If you need information during your pregnancy, I will direct you to evidence-based information, to help you feel empowered and confident in your pregnancy and birth decisions. Often, your birth attendants may not (have time to) explain in detail what is happening, and as your doula, I am there to help you make informed decisions, understand what is happening, and know your options.


Your Partner: Your partner has a key role in your birth; I will by no means replace him through your birth, but instead be an additional support, first to you, and also to him. There will most likely be times (especially through a first labor) that your husband may need a break (mine certainly did through my 42 hour labor)! It is so helpful to have another person present whom you can count on for support. This will also give him the chance to use the restroom, stay in touch with family, get a breath of fresh air, or even, in very long labors, take a quick nap, while not feeling bad about leaving you alone briefly.


You: Finally, and most importantly, I will be present as a constant advocate for you. Often through a birth most of the focus is on your baby, especially towards the end. My focus will be 100% on you throughout your labor; I will be there to advocate for you and your birth plan, to support (and help give you more information for) the decisions you make, give you tips/assistance as you start breastfeeding, and to help you to have a fulfilling and positive birth experience.


Outline of Birth Doula Services:

Why hire a doula? Birth doula Spokane, birth photographer spokane and coeur d

Initial (complimentary) meeting to get to know each other
Two prenatal visits: breathing techniques, labor positions, your birth plan, and more
Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy
Access to my extensive library of birth, postpartum, and parenting books, and
quick direction to evidence-based information for any questions/concerns you have.
24 hour on-call availability from 38 weeks until your birth
Continuous support throughout labor and delivery
Breastfeeding and latch assistance post-birth
Optional “add-on” of Fresh Baby or Birth Photography, photography
One casual postpartum visit within two weeks of birth
       ◦ Process your birth experience
      ..  Breastfeeding and babywearing information, and one-on-one assistance
       ◦ Connections to additional resources as you continue your postpartum journey.
Postpartum, I will be available via phone/email to provide additional support to you and your partner.


If you are considering inviting me to serve as your doula, please reach out to me, and we can set up a time for a free, “mutual interview” to see if we are a right match for each other. Doula packages start at $1200, with a special discount when you add-on Birth Photography. {I also offer my services as a Postpartum Doula.}


See more of my Birth Photography here:


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